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Written by Chris Ventura   
Sunday, 19 January 2014 19:21


Before we officially re-launched The Chris Ventura Show, we gave something new a try—not only did we broadcast live for the first time, but we added video to the program as well.

The idea to go live and also doing video podcasts has always been something we've thought about doing. So, we decided to have a little pre-launch trial run and make the holiday shows a testing ground for some ideas.

The live video shows have proven to be quite fun for us to do and we feel that they have been a success and an opportunity for us to try some new things. They will now become a regular part of The Chris Ventura Show. New audio-only podcasts will be released alongside this new live video show. We hope you have enjoyed our recent live video broadcasts and we are looking forward to producing them on a regular basis.

The Chris Ventura Show - Holiday Special #1 of 2 - "Frosty, Dammit"
AIRED: December 15, 2013 on USTREAM

Our lovely guest Jenny Tom brings Kat and me some vegan food to try. We also a bit into personal behavioral changes and the advantages of confidence, letting go, and not apologizing for how you feel. An interesting show, indeed.

WATCH: Live Show - "Holiday Special #1" on USTREAM/YouTube

The Chris Ventura Show - Holiday Special #2 of 2 - "New Year/Reflections"
AIRED: December 28, 2013 on USTREAM

We dive a little bit deeper into New Years resolutions while Kat's brother, Augusto, sketches some live art that we reveal at the end of the show.

Kat prepares to sing some karaoke with her brother (available at the end of the USTREAM version).

WATCH: Live Show - "Holiday Special #2" on USTREAM/YouTube


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