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Daily life observed and everyday topics dissected.

A comical look at life and various everyday topics examined by the twenty/thirty-somethingish Chris Ventura from Southern California--with the random assistance of various friend co-hosts and crew, produced in the style of FM talk radio.

Download Radio TEST SHOW (05-20-2014) 08-22-2014 (92.58 MB)

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Radio TEST SHOW (05-20-2014)

  • The Chris Ventura Show is currently on hiatus for summer 2014. While the show is on hiatus, we will be releasing some audio you may not have heard before.

    The Chris Ventura Show makes an attempt at live internet radio with this test show that turned into a relationship roundtable style show. Chris Ventura hosts as Omar Elattar serves as co-host and they are joined by their guest Matt Guest. (Yes, that's really his last name--no joke!) The group discusses some of their relationship history, ideas, and beliefs. Questions submitted by listeners are answered live during the program.

    This is the first in a 3 episode trial run of live radio shows. It originally aired on the night of Tuesday, May 20, 2014. This test show is presented to you in its live and unedited form as originally aired on USTREAM.

    The Chris Ventura Show returns with new shows on Sunday, September 28, 2014. Like us on Facebook at for the latest updates! We’ll see you in September!


    Keywords: Chris Ventura, Radio Show, Talk Radio, Relationships, Loveline, Howard Stern, Omar Elattar, Matt Guest