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Daily life observed and everyday topics dissected.

A comical look at life and various everyday topics examined by the twenty/thirty-somethingish Chris Ventura from Southern California--with the random assistance of various friend co-hosts and crew, produced in the style of FM talk radio.

Download Show #49 - Haven't We Seen This Before? 05-09-2014 (54.34 MB)

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Show #49 - Haven't We Seen This Before?

  • Released: 5/9/14 - Taped: 5/4/14

    Chris and Kat discuss the similarities among several different movies with a comparison of characters and plots. The discussion begins with a comparison between The Hunger Games and The Running Man which leads into a string of other movies. For good measure, they're even going to break apart a childhood movie (or several) and this discussion will likely destroy your childhood memories forever. Sound fun? Have a listen!

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    Keywords: Chris Ventura, Kat, Pardon Me Sir, Little Bit, Talk Radio, Podcast, FM Talk, The Hunger Games, The Running Man, Lion King, Kimba, Kimba The White Lion, Disney