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Daily life observed and everyday topics dissected.

A comical look at life and various everyday topics examined by the twenty/thirty-somethingish Chris Ventura from Southern California--with the random assistance of various friend co-hosts and crew, produced in the style of FM talk radio.

Download Show #47 - Can You Believe That?! 02-18-2014 (55.44 MB)

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Show #47 - Can You Believe That?!

  • Released: 2/17/2014 Taped: 2/9/2014

    Kat and Chris discuss the recent debate between Ken Ham (creationism) and Bill Nye (evolution). Selected clips from the debate are played and then commented on by both Kat and Chris who share their personal opinions. Later, Chris airs some grievances about some of the stupid things he overhears people say in public. He's enraged! Watch out!

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    Keywords: Chris Ventura, Ken Ham, Bill Nye, Debate, Creationism, Evolution, Stupid, Anger, Rage, Religioin, Spirituality, Karma, Universe, The Chris Ventura Show, Podcast, Radio, LA, Los Angeles